Modern disposable cartrige injectors
delivered worldwide
• 100% fewer staff injuries

• Cost of each injection is 1–2 lower

• Zero costs of preparing for injection
of reusable cartridge syringes
Injuries are possible after injection and during disposal
According to a study by the World Health Organization, breaking injection rules causes the following events globally every year:
up to 16,000,000 cases of hepatitis B infection

up to 4,700,000 cases of hepatitis C infection

up to 160,000 cases of HIV infection
In Russia, there are more than 150,000,000 visits to the dentist per year, and in 140,000,000 of those visits an injection is required. Statistics show 1 out of 90 injections results in an injury, which is more than 1 500 000 injuries among medical staff per year.
OkJect injectors are equipped with a protective cap that eliminates the risk of doctor and medical staff injury by
Disposable syringes are also safe for patients.
Need for constant sterilization and a higher cost of use
Costs of preparing for injection not including the price of needles and cartridges
- Disinfection
- Disassembly
- Cleaning
- Packing
- Sterilization
Preparation stages:
Time required for injection
23 min
OkJect injectors are ready for use as soon as the package is opened. You will no longer have to pay for preparing reusable syringes.
Time required for injection:
0 min
Order the first batch of injectors from OkJect
and protect your staff from accidental injury!
The invoice will be sent to you by post. Delivery is paid by the customer.
Advantages of OkJect injectors
for medical staff.
The protective cap removes the risk of infection from contaminated needles after injection and during disposal.
The finger flange and the graduated rod and very gentle movement make it possible to smoothly inject a precise dose of anesthetic.
Make it possible to perform an aspiration test.
The design makes it possible to perform an aspiration test.
This fully eliminates the risk of injecting an anesthetic solution into a patient's blood vessel.
Ready to use
Opening a package and inserting a needle only takes a couple of seconds. Patients do not have to watch a syringe being prepared for a long time and worry about it.
Fewer injuries and less pain
The needle in the OkJect injector is only 0.3–0.4 mm in diameter — twice as thin as in reusable metal injectors. This reduces the pain and the likelihood of mucosa injury.
Seven anesthetics
to choose from
OkJect kits are supplied with all the popular anesthetics, such as Ultracaine, Articaine, Ubistesin, Septanest, and Orabloc.
OkJect injectors are beneficial to everyone
The clinic gets more profit
85–90% more profit from the sale of anesthetic services due to lower costs
Up to 40% higher salary for a dentist
Dentists receives up to 40% higher salary than when using reusable injectors
Time saving
The nurse saves about 23 minutes with each injection
Protection from infection
The patients get a comfort and certainty that they are protected from possible infections
Order the first batch of
OkJect disposable injectors
and save time for your clinic's medical staff!
The invoice will be sent to you by post. Delivery is paid by the customer.
Kit components
Certificates of conformity
Suppose, I order the syringes. What's next?
You started to use this new technology in anesthesia and justified in increasing the cost of the procedure by 100–150 rubles.
Thus, you:
eliminate the possibility of cross-infection
give your clients the opportunity to choose a more advanced service
enhance the prestige of your clinic
By the experience of our customers, patients more often choose the new type of anesthesia.
We added just one line to our price list: “Cartridge anesthesia with OkJect disposable injector,” which cost is about 100 rubles more. Ninety percent of grateful patients bought this service from us. Thus, we earned 30,000 rubles of net profit from each chair in a month
Chief Physician of VIP-Dent,
Bonuses from "Ural Medical Company", an official OkJect dealer
Delivery in sufficient quantities to any clinic in Russia.
This product is already in stock. We ship your injectors as quickly as possible.
For orders of more than 500 items, we offer free delivery services to a TC terminal in your city (within Russia).
We are trusted by clinics in 60 cities worldwide
Order the first batch of OkJect injectors
and get more profit from each injection!
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